Air Tight Protego Dome

Air tight dome tent


Air Tight Dome, Easy setup

Tallman Promo air tight domes are great for any venue, for branding as well as providing a different portable shelter. Air tight domes are portable, sturdy, and free of any hardware. Inflatable tents do not require continuous air supply. You simply inflate the air tight dome, close the seal and it is ready to go within minutes. Easy and effective for being in a rush, or needing to quickly set up at an event/ They are also great if you do not want to spend a lot of time setting up your display at an event. They are packaged in one easy-to-handle carrying case, convenient for storage. The inflatable frame is made from a sturdy PVC, which comes in a variety of stock colours.

Great Branding!

An easy and effective way to brand your company logo in a unique way. Display your logo, company colours or slogan anywhere across the tent. Eye capturing and original. Inflatable protego air tight domes are a great way to get your message across anyway as quickly and effectively as possible. Protego dome are very unique!




Product Pricing

Please contact us for pricing.

Our airtight tent come in various sizes.

The three sizes available are 10’x10’, 15’x15, or 20’x20’

Templates are available upon request

The dome is printed on polyester and the frame is made of sturdy PVC.
This product can be printed with a dye sublimation process.  For more information, visit our Production Methods page.
Any part of the dome can be covered.


Air tight dome 4

Air tight dome 4

Air tight dome 3

Air tight dome 3

Air tight dome 2

Air tight dome 2

Air tight dome 1

Air tight dome 1





This product comes with a lot of variation; options include,

  • No wall or valances
  • 1 wall, no valances
  • 1 wall, 1 valance
  • 4 walls, no valances
  • 4 walls, 4 valances


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