Car Window Flags

Car Window Flags

Car Window Flags Car Window Flags Everyone needs to see your company logo as often as possible. With our unique car window flags, you will always stand out driving around town on business or when the car is parked. A flag on a window can certainly raise curiosity and...

Car Antenna Flags

Car Antenna Flags Car Antenna Flags Completely Customizable Antenna Flags Our car antenna flags are completely customizable and any kind of logo can be placed on it. With a large colour selection to choose from, antenna flags are a great way to add a little extra...

Windsock Car Flag

Windsock Car Flag Windsock Car Flags A windsock car flag is definitely a lot different than your average car flag. It is fun and unique. Everyone will see your windsock car flag and admire it flowing in the wind. It has a lot of potential with the ability for great...

Magnetic Car Flags

Magnetic Car Flags Magnetic Car Flags Universal Usage The same as a regular car flag, just magnetic on the bottom as the base. If you want your window open but don’t want your car flag to fall off, this will do the trick. Sturdy and strong, even if it rains our car...

Car Flags

Car Flags Car Flags Smooth Driving Here at TALLMAN.PROMO, we offer a few options for customer car flags. We will ensure that your product goals get met. Our goal is to have your flag always standing strong and looking smooth, while displaying the logos/brand that you...


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