Flame Banner

Instant Attention with a Flame Banner

Create immediate attention with your flame banner. The banner is very realistic and eye-catching.

Triple The Effect

This Flame Banner is 3D!  This effect can allow your message to be delivered 3 times over!  We can put a different print on each of the 3 sides OR create a 3D effect by wrapping  your design around the entire banner.

Inside or Outside

A flame banner is so versatile that it can be used inside or outside! If you are using the flag inside, the lightweight base and pole make it easy for it to be transported. However, if you are using it outside, the wind will give your flag a great effect. It has s sturdy base to keep it in place.

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Product Pricing

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Flame Banner tmp size

Flame Banner tmp size

Pole size: 152cm. Print Size: 171cm x 108cm x 3 pieces. Total height: 260cm.

This product can be printed with a dye sublimation process.  For more information, visit our Production Methods page.
The flag is made out of 210g Elastic Knitted, 250g Soft Knitted or 110g knitted polyester of your choice.
Feather flag Convex tmp template

Feather flag Convex tmp template

Aluminum flag poles are the only poles available for the leaf flag.


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