Round Table Covers

360 Degree Coverage

Our round table covers are the perfect specific item to help with your marketing needs.

Some can be unappealing, even dangerous: a large uneven spread across a regular table cloth could become hazardous for people passing by. The seam across the circumference of the table allows your table to evenly drop to the ground. You can also put your logo on any part of the table cover, creating an inviting atmosphere for your event. Contact TALLMAN.PROMO for an easy solution to those pesky round tables at a trade show or community event. All of our covers are easy to clean. They are stain resistant and waterproof.

They are also wrinkle free, so no ironing.

The Perfect Fit For You

We want to make sure you have the right table cover for any table. Custom table covers from TALLMAN.PROMO are unique and eye catching. Offering a great solution to those pesky round tables at a trade show.

If you need some help creating a design our team can work with you to create the perfect piece.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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Quote Request Form

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Product Pricing

Please contact us for pricing.

Table Size: 81cm H:74cm Fitted Table Cover Size: 81cmx81cm + 74cmx265cm

Table Size: 81cm H:110cm Fitted Table Cover Size: 81cmx81cm + 74cmx265cm

Table Size: 60cm H:74cm Fitted Table Cover Size: 60cmx60cm + 74cmx197cm

Table Size: 895cm H:73cm Fitted Table Cover Size: 95cmx95cm + 73cmx308cm

This product can be printed via screen print or dye sublimation printing.

Which one of those is right for me?

Table cloths are made from 300D Polyester, 160g Polyester, or 240g Soft Knitted.  The Material is wrinkle resistant, flame retardant, waterproof, oil stain proof and stain resistant.
stretch table cover artwork template

stretch table cover artwork template

This table comes in various sizes that accommodate various different heights. The round table cover covers the whole area around table cover.  The pleated table cover covers all four sides of the table.
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