Car Bonnet Covers

Car Bonnet Cover

Show Off Your Brand

A car bonnet cover shows off your brand in a unique way. Car bonnet covers are an effective way for anyone driving or walking by to see your brand. The bonnet of your car is a large space, therefore effective for your logo, brand or slogan.

No one can argue that car advertising is an easy and effective way to advertise. Strong lasting material and durable, we sell various sizes to fit your vehicle specifications. Car Advertising is an effective way to bring a reasonable amount of attention to your vehicle.

It would be a pain if your bonnet cover did not fit your bonnet, so we want to make sure you avoid that problem. We offer three different sizes to make sure you have the right bonnet cover for your vehicle. We want to make sure your logo and design fits your bonnet correctly.

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Product Pricing

Please contact us for Pricing. 

We offer small, medium and large car covers.

Small: 135cm x 80cm

Medium: 145cm x 100cm

Large: 155cm x 120cm

Measure your bonnet before so your hood cap can be fit perfectly!

This product can be printed with a dye sublimation process.  For more information, visit our Production Methods page.

Car bonnet covers are made from 180g Elastic polyester.

Templates are available on request. 

Bonnet covers, cover the whole area of your vehicle hood that opens and come in 3 size options.

Coming soon.


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